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Technical and Environmental Solutions individually designed and tailored to your exact needs

TERRA is a reliable and competent partner in the field of process and environmental engineering, offering custom-tailored solutions for clients. We have great expertise in process engineering and in environmental technologies (Water, Waste, Renewable Energies).
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Innovative  enviromental technologies

We provide you with tailored efficient and competitive solutions
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Project Management
project mana
TERRA has a good experience in project planning, task scheduling, procurement, budgeting, risk management, project leading, and conflict resolution. When appointed as Project Manager, TERRA takes ownership of the project, manages the process and dedicates itself to the successful achievement of the Client objectives. TERRA provides its clients with the final deliverables in a finite timescale and budget.
TERRA has the experience and expertise to perform the basic and/or detail engineering required for projects ranging from small expansion or simple modification of small plants to the design of large scale sophisticated complexes.
TERRA is offering a complete Plant Operation package. It takes over the task through managing and controlling the equipment, facilities, systems, in industrial processes to produce desired products that ensures the effective implementation and efficient, safety, and reliable process operation.
Project Development
With years of experience, TERRA has the knowledge and skills to ensure that everything is in place for a successful project from the offset. TERRA sees first that all regulations for the site location are complied with, including regional, national and international legislation.
TERRA works with investors to secure finance. TERRA has an invaluable network of industry contacts to help develop your project from a concept to reality.
Once the project is ready for construction, TERRA oversees all operations of the project through to completion. This includes sourcing the best materials and equipment for the optimum price, hiring a skilled workforce and resolving any significant issues that may arise. In short, TERRA delivers the finished project to you within budget and within your allocated timescale.
Construction supervision
Construction supervision
In the construction/erection phase of projects, TERRA's technical staff is able to perform supervisory and management functions independently or in cooperation with the client's personnel.
The size and composition of supervisory teams depend on the nature of projects and the requirements of clients. TERRA will initially designate an experienced and competent construction manager to discuss such requirements with the client before the supervisory team is put together. Thereafter immediate action will be taken to phase in the planned project staff in order to ensure effective supervision of the works.



Water Treatment


Renewable Energies


Waste Management


Logistics & Consulting

Our expertise and our intensive R&D allow us to offer you the right solution for your environmental problem at a competitive price.
Our solutions are prepared by a multidisciplinary team of scientists, economists, researchers, engineers and technicians and they are implemented by high qualified and experienced engineers and technicians.
This combination of skills and resources allowed TERRA to be the undisputed leader on the Northern African market, and a challenger for the global market.


Water Technologies
TERRA Planning and Design team has a substantial expertise, including facilities planning, discharge permitting, design and construction supervision, commissioning and start-up, troubleshooting of wastewater treatment plants and water desalination plants.
Waste Management
Waste Management plans for businesses concentrate more on integrated waste avoidance and waste minimization in purchasing, production, and in the organization of solid waste management ...
Renewable Energies
Solar energy technologies use the sun's energy and light to provide heat, light, hot water, electricity, and even cooling, for homes, businesses, and industry.
Engineering and Consulting
TERRA has the experience and expertise to perform the basic and/or detail engineering required for projects ranging from small expansion or simple modification of small plants to the design of large scale sophisticated complexes.
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